AdiuvaBit has been a reliable and recognized software solution for all kinds of archaeological work since 2003. AdiuvaBit provides an uncomplicated and a quick way to document and manage features and finds or to record and evaluate old excavations.
AdiuvaBit supports you in the administration, documentation and evaluation of your archaeological excavations, prospections and research projects. In cooperation with many digging and researching users of AdiuvaBit, AdiuvaBit has been and continues to be optimized for all aspects of archaeological applications.
AdiuvaBit data are long-term archivable and can be further processed without specialized hardware or software.
The basic excavation module can be extended and individually licensed with various add-ons. AdiuvaBit allows any number of users to work in parallel in one activity via XML-based data exchange.


The team of AdiuvaBit derives from field-archaeology with many years of excavation experience. Thus, Adiuvabit meets all the practical requirements of an archaeological documentation, administration and evaluation process.

Practical Experience

The development of AdiuvaBit always takes place in close exchange with our users. Your feedback and suggestions help us to continuously improve AdiuvaBit and to develop new functions and add-ons/modules. AdiuvaBit is not only developed for archaeologists, but also with them.


AdiuvaBit knows no standstill. We are constantly developing AdiuvaBit and implementing solutions for the requirement of the modern excavation methods.